Yale University radio interview

On July 2nd, we were invited to speak about our practice with Brainard Carey, host of Interviews from Yale University Radio WYBCX, a program that features conversations with artists, writers, curators and conservators in North America and Europe about the art world. This was a chance for us to delve into some of our recent projects, and particularly the work we’ve been doing with WATERSHED+ in Calgary. We talked about how artists can draw out stories and reveal what’s hidden in urban systems and underground infrastructure, and why a framework of embedding artists is so productive in our view. After all, this is an opportunity for art to connect people with where they live and how place is understood.

"How do you bring out elements that make a place special and unique, and share the pleasure of what’s around you?"

So cool to be among a great group of people on this program!

Source: http://museumofnonvisibleart.com/interviews/sans-fac%CC%A7on/