Watershed + is a public art program which embeds artists and artistic practices within UEP core activities, to develop awareness and pleasure in the environment, not by changing water management practice, nor developing a uniform visual language, but rather by creating a climate of opportunity for water initiatives to build an emotional connection between people and the watershed.  

For more information on WATERSHED+ please go to the WATERSHED+ website.
Commissioned by the City of Calgary, as part of the Utilities and Environment Protection Public Art Plan.

WATERSHED+ was initially shaped over 2009/10 by a team of experts from diverse disciplines.

The team was led by Sans façon and consisted of:
Matt Baker (Artist, SW Scotland)
Emlyn Firth (Designer, Glasgow, Scotland)
Eric Laurier (Human Geographer, Edinburgh, Scotland)
Yan Olivares (YO Architects, St Etienne, France)
Bert van Duin (Water Engineer, Calgary)