Views of the West Coast of Scotland was made while in residency at Cove Park. The residency is on the side of a national park, overlooking Loch Long and its beautiful scenery. It is the closest 'wilderness' to Glasgow, people drive there at the weekend to be in the countryside, but often stay in their cars, reading newspapers, knowing they are in the countryside can be enough.
It is also situated between a nuclear submarine base, a Royal Naval Armament Depot, and a number of army training grounds. It is not unusual to see bushes move, fully armed troops crossing the road in the dark of the night, fuel depots camouflaged as hills, sirens in the middle of the forest. This juxtaposition creates a very unusual balance between the scenic landscape and the hidden activities trying to blend in.

Each installation took place over two weeks sometimes lasting only a few hours. The work was concluded in a publication in collaboration with the writer John Calcutt.

Cove Park
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