Sunset/Sunrise consists of two split flap information signs placed next to one another that recall departure boards in train stations and airports. One displays the name of a town where the sun is setting, at that exact moment, and the other simultaneously the name of a town where the sun is rising. Sunset/Sunrise takes us on a 24 hour journey across thousands of cities, oceans and continents, as the sun circulates the globe in real time.

As you stand and watch, mesmerized by the constantly changing names of places, you can follow the course of time, imagine exotic places with evocative names, or wait for the sun to come up on a distant loved one. As the night comes to an end, the anticipation of the sunrise becomes stronger as the names displayed become closer and closer, until the sun rises and continues its relentless journey westward.

In October 2014 Sunset/Sunrise was presented in its first iteration using two LED displays hung in the main bus station in Hamm, Germany, for Urban Lights Ruhr. This second iteration is presented as part of Urban Lights Ruhr, Hagen, Germany, 2015.


Urbane Künste Ruhr