Rough Mix is Magnetic North's unique inter-disciplinary creative development programme. Rough Mix is an opportunity to collaborate with other creative practitioners, try out new ideas and introduce them to an audience. A small group of practitioners from different disciplines was brought together and given the time to start developing new projects in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere.

The first Rough Mix ran in December 2006 at Dance Base, Scotland's National Centre for Dance in Edinburgh with a core group of:
* Nicholas Bone - director
* Clare Duffy - playwright
* David Fennessy - composer
* Ronan O'Donnell - playwright
* Sans façon (Tristan Surtees and Charles Blanc) - visual artists
* Marisa Zanotti - choreographer and film maker

They were joined by playwright Debbie Jones and choreographer Rosalind Masson as well as a group of 5 performers.

Each practitioner brought an idea for a project that they were interested in developing. Over a period of two weeks they worked with one another and a group of performers.

The projects being developed were:
* You Had To Be There (Clare Duffy)  used the local area (the Grassmarket) as a starting point for the development of a series of vignettes in different styles.
* Walden (Nicholas Bone)  an exploration of approaches to dramatising Thoreau's book about the two years he spent living in the woods.
* A Study In Three Parts (David Fennessy)  a moment of interruption explored with an actor, a drum kit and feedback.
* Carrot (Ronan O Donnell)  inspired by the story of Jeannie, a child kept in complete isolation for several years by her parents.
* Edges (Marisa Zanotti)  projected video, 2 chairs, 4 performers and a series of instructions.
* Incidents (Sans façon)  exploration of the mundane incidents in the veneer of everyday, which lead to Odd sympathies.

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