Ongoing Projects

            .WATERSHED+, lead artist (5 yrs), long term plan and implementation of the program, to place creativity at the heart of the City's watershed/water services and related projects       
            within the City corporation, Calgary, Canada
            .Monument to Rain, permanent installation, exploring our relationship to the dynamic environment, Georgetown, Seattle, USA
            .Urbane Lights Ruhr 2017, temporary installation, looking at peoples relationship to light in the urban context of Marl, Germany
            .To know ourselves, research project into place, and the notion of ‘Town and gown’ University of Wyoming and the Haub institute, Laramie, Wyoming, USA.
            .The Gathering Place, permanent installation, in collaboration with Office for Subversive Architecture. Inverness, UK
            .Laycock Park, lead artist for an urban park and ­permanent installations exploring the visibility of storm water systems, (under construction) Calgary, Canada
            .Bowmont Park, design for a storm-water treatment train generating a landscape as a public park, facilitating the multi-disciplinary design team from the outset. (under construction)
            Calgary, Canada
            .UEP Phase II, 10yr public art master plan for Water Services. Environmental Safety Management, Waste and Recycling Services, for the City of Calgary, Canada


Past works

2016    .Jasmine from Grasse, temporary installation, Esker Foundation, Calgary, Canada
            .Seattle CSO Art Master Plan, lead planning artists, 15 year plan for 4culture, Seattle, USA.
            .East 9th, lead Artist for a new cultural street-scape, with eldorado architects and Coen + Partners, Lawrence, KS, USA

2015    .You Are Here, temporary installation. Sheffield, UK
            Urbane Lights Ruhr, co-curating the 2015 edition with Katja Aßmann. Hagen, Germany
            .Silent Fairground, temporary installation. Hagen, Germany
            .Pantone Perfect, temporary installation, for Urbane Künste Ruhr. Hagen, Germany
            .Sunset Sunrise, temporary installation, for Urbane Künste Ruhr. Hagen, Germany
            .Lost Spaces, international ideas competition design & implementation collaboration with Design Talks Institute, Calgary, Canada
            .Calgary Biennial, temporary installation. Calgary, Canada
            .Freeman's Wood, board game. For StoreyG2, Lancaster, UK  
            .City Orchard, permanent installation, with BCA Landscape,for Worcester University, UK
2014    .Forest Lawn Liftstation, permanent project. Calgary, Canada
            .Pantone Perfect, temporary installation, for Urbane Künste Ruhr, Hamm, Germany
            .Sunset Sunrise, temporary installation, for Urbane Künste Ruhr, Hamm, Germany
            .Limelight: Saturday night, temporary installation, Calgary, Hamm
            .The Field, permanent project, for Up Projects, London, UK
            .You Are Here, temporary installation for the Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow, UK
2013    .Cacher pour mieux montrer, temporary artwork, Saskatoon, Canada
            .A Walk to the Edge of the World, new theatre production, collaboration with Magnetic North Theatre. Scotland
            .Water worksrld, temporary installation, with the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, Calgary, Canada
2012    .Hydrant drinking fountains, design of removable fountains, Calgary, Canada
            .Show Time Series, 5 projects for Gl Holtegaard Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
            .Limelight: Saturday night, temporary installation, Calgary, Canada
2011     .Charmouth Bridge, footbridge design and construction, in collaboration with County engineers, Dorset, UK
            .Iconic Site, temporary installation to coincide with the opening of the art gallery Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK
            .Wild life, collaboration with Magnetic North Theatre for a new production, UK    
            .Limelight: Saturday night, temporary installation, Gaborone, Frankfurt, Toronto, Salford, Miami
2010    .Watershed+Manual, Public art masterplan, Calgary, Canada.
            .Limelight: Saturday night, temporary installation, London, Newcastle, Glasgow, Inverness, Arlington, Kansas City
            .Millennium Promenade, Permanent installation, with Grants Landscape Architects and Cullinan Studio, Bristol , UK
2009   .4 dimensional mapping, residency and research project. Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada
            .Morecambe House, Public art plan, Morecambe, UK
            .Walden, collaboration with Magnetic North Theatre for the 2009-2010 UK tour
2008   .Històries i Llocs, temporary installation. Priorat, Spain
            .Iconic Site..., temporary installation. Newcastle, Liverpool, UK
            .Odd sympathies, temporary installation in collaboration with composer John Metcalf, for Artes Mundi, Cardiff, UK
            .Walden, collaboration with Magnetic North Theatre, Edinburgh, UK
            .Urban parterre, permanent commission working with ruderal plants and classic garden pattern, Bristol, UK
2007   .Iconic Site, temporary installation, For Cube, Centre for the built environment, Manchester, UK
2006   .Rough Mix, multi-disciplinary collaborative research, Edinburgh, UK
            .Back lane, temporary installation, Merchant City, Glasgow, UK
            .Lead Artist, Building Schools for the Future programme, Durham, UK
            .Sidekick, curating 3 artists for Sideshow, Nottingham, UK    
            .PROJECT, regeneration proposal, commission and series of public interventions, Peterhead, Scotland
            .You are here, temporary installation National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, UK
2005   .Limelight, temporary installation for Radiance, Glasgow, UK
            .The distance between us, temporary installations. Birmingham, UK
            .Parks & People, research and proposal into the social use and function of public parks, Newcastle, UK    
2004   .Depósito elevado, temporary installation, for Madrid Abierto, Madrid, Spain
            .Cultivated wilderness, permanent installation In collaboration with Matt Baker, Glasgow, UK
            .Viewing Platforms, permanent installations, Devon, UK
            .Terra Incognita, temporary installation. Glasgow, UK
2003   .Sea view, temporary installations, Tyne and Wear area, UK
2002   .Private view, temporary installation, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland
            .En passant, temporary installations. Sacy-le-petit, France
2001    .Stirring The City, curation and exhibition design, The lighthouse Centre for Design and Architecture, Glasgow, UK
            .Desire lines, mapping, Glasgow, UK
            .Views of the West Coast of Scotland, temporary installations. Argyll and Bute, Scotland
2000   .Samples, temporary installations. Glasgow, UK
            .Shed, Temporary installation. Glasgow, UK

Selected talks & presentations

2015    .International Conference of Historical Geographers, for the Royal Geographical Society, London, UK
            .University of Applied Sciences and Arts, for the MA in Scenographie and Communication, Dortmund, Germany
            .Alberta College of Art+Design, Calgary, Canada
            .Umbrella Visual Arts Conference, Calgary, Canada
2014    .Alberta Association of Landscape Architects, Keynote speaker, Calgary, Canada
            .Creative Calgary Congress, Keynote speaker, Calgary, Canada
            .Esker Gallery, Calgary, Canada
            .Creative City Network of Canada, Keynote speaker, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
            .Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, Canada
2013    .Urbane Kunste Ruhr, Bergkamen, Germany
            .University of Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Canada
            .TRUCK Gallery, Calgary, Canada
            .The lighthouse, Velocity Series. Glasgow, Scotland    
            .The Lulu Series: Art in the City, Vancouver, Canada
            .Lawrence Arts Centre, Lawrence, USA
2012    .Emily Carr University of Art and Design, for the Master of Applied Arts, Vancouver, Canada
            .BABEL Working Group, Boston College, Northeastern University, M.I.T., Tufts University, Keynote speaker, Boston, USA
            .Danish National School for Contemporary Dance, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011     .City of Calgary Society of Professional Engineers, Calgary, Canada
            .Manchester School of Architecture, Manchester, UK
            .Alberta College of Art+Design, Calgary, Canada
            .Tramway, contemporary visual and performing arts, Glasgow, UK
            .University of Oxford, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, UK
2010    .Biennale Internationale du Design, for Master of Architecture and Design, Saint Etienne, France
            .Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO, USA
            .University of Kansas, School of Architecture, Design & Planning, Lawrence, KS, USA
            .Canadian ­Water Innovation Lab. Calgary, Canada
            .Artisphere. Arlington, VA, USA
            .University of Edinburgh, Institute of Geography, Edinburgh, UK
            .Birkbeck College, University of London, for the MA Arts & Policy Management course, London, UK
2009   .Manchester Metropolitan University, for the MA Design LAB, Manchester, UK
            .Art and urban design conference, Salford, UK
            .Gallery La Esquina, for Art through Architecture (AtA), Kansas City, MO, USA
            .Storey Gallery, Lancaster, UK
2008   .What’s Art Got to Do With It?, conference on the role of creative practitioners in place making, Bolton, UK
            .University of Edinburgh, Institute of Geography, UK
            .The Bartlett, University College London, for Making buildings, from the doorstep to the city, London, UK
2007   .National Public art conference, Keynote speaker, Nottingham, UK
            .Art Gene, Barrow in Furness, UK
2006   .Sideshow, Nottingham, UK
            .Glasgow school of Art, Glasgow, UK
2005   .Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
            .Street Level Gallery, Glasgow, UK
            .Architecture week, Birmingham, UK
            .Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, UK
2004   .Peacock Visual Arts Gallery, Aberdeen, UK


2012    .DIVA residency at Gl Holtegaard gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009   .Fogo Island Arts Corp., Newfoundland, Canada
2004   .LOCALE, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen, UK
2002   .Sacy-Le-petit, Picardie, France
2001    .Dundee Contemporary Arts, Creative and Technical Skills Training Programme, Scotland
2001    .Cove Park, Outside the Box, Scotland



2015    .Mayor Urban Design Award, Honourable Mention Urban Fragments, for Forest Lawn Lift Station
            .Mayor Urban Design Award, Conceptual/Theoretical Urban Design Project, for Lost Spaces
            .Canadian Society of Landscape Architects National, Awards of Excellence, National Merit, for Bowmont Park
2014    .Calgary Downtown Vitality Award, for Hydrant drinking fountains
            .Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Award for 2014 Year in Review, for Cacher pour mieux montrer
            .Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Award for 2014 Year in Review, for Hydrant drinking fountains
            .Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Award for 2014 Year in Review, for Watershed+ artists residencies
            .Scottish Arts Club, for best new Scottish drama performance at the Fringe, for A Walk to the Edge of the World
            .40 under 40, Avenue Magazine, Calgary
2013    .Mayor Urban Design Award, Honourable Mention Conceptual/Theoretical Urban Design Projects, for Bowmont Park
2004   .Millennium Award from the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, for Terra Incognita


.Guest critic, Scenographie and Communication, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund, Germany, 2015
.Visiting lecturer, School of Architecture, Design & Planning, University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA, 2010
.Visiting lecturer, Architecture department, University of East London, 2010
.Visiting lecturer, Fine Art department, University of Cumbria, 2010, 2008
.Visiting lecturer, Architecture department, University of Nottingham, 2010, 2007, 2006
.Visiting lecturer, MA Design LAB, Manchester University, 2009
.Visiting lecturer, Fine Art department, University of Wales, Cardiff, 2008
.Visiting lecturer, Fine Art department, Newcastle University, 2007
.Visiting lecturer, Architecture department, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK, 2001
.Visiting lecturer, Environmental Art Department, Glasgow School of Art, 2001

            Charles Blanc
                       MArch, Advanced Architectural Design, Strathclyde University, Glasgow
                       DPLG, Ecole d’Architecture de St Etienne
            Tristan Surtees
                       BA Hon’s, Glasgow School of Art