For this edition of Idensitat we explored personal memories in Priorat, a rural region South West of Barcelona. Priorat is an important region for viticulture with a very strong identity. This rural area is changing fast with the development of the wine industry and tourism.

In this context of social transformation we worked with the micro-geographies of the territory, looking into the importance of personal and often seemingly insignificant stories and memories of a place. However minute these memories and experiences are, they give depth to the territory and make the place more than physical spaces, they constitute an essential role in building a community and an identity.

Over the period of one year we worked with Idensitat and the Priorat Centre d'Art to collect individual stories across the region. The wine produced in Priorat is world renown and its fame is developing rapidly and it became an obvious mechanism to share and spread these stories through their own distribution network and format. Working with the Denominacion De Origin specially produced wine labels were produced and the stories disseminated with the bottles.

The project is an expression of a social landscape, distributed around the world to sit at the dinner table with a local family or in a restaurant in Japan or New York, to be consumed the same year or to sit in the cellar for years, forever connected with that moment in time, offering a greater understanding of that specific place.


You can read some of the stories (in Catalan) in the publication: "Una història que em van explicar.... Me’n recordo que... Avui el Priorat..." 

Idensitat is an art project developed with the will of providing mechanisms for the articulation of creative projects in the field of public space and related to the territory. The goal is to stimulate creative practices which experiment with new ways of social engagement and participation, connected to already existing practices and dynamics in the territory.

Priorat Centre d'Art