In August 2009 we were invited by the Fogo Island Arts Corporation to take part in the first wave of experimental projects to introduce their impending residency programme. Working in collaboration with another invited artist, Erika Irmler, we spent three weeks on Fogo Island and developed the initial research project brief, entitled 4 Dimensional Mapping, into four projects exploring the identity of Fogo Island:

> Seascapes
Asking local fishermen to describe the seascape from their window, pointing out all the invisible peaks, troughs sandy bottoms and shoals that lie under the water.
> Suppers
Looking at traditional recipes from Fogo Island and how the island's food culture is influenced by the geographic location and the origins of the population.
> Marks
Investigating the art of finding shoals and reefs without the use of sonar by triangulating points or 'marks' on the shore, much of which is passed down orally between generations and not recorded in maps.
> Postcards
Making and sending daily hand drawn postcards detailing various aspects of life on fogo to a subscribed mailing list.

In 2010 this initial research was recorded in a book completed in collaboration with Erika Irmler and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation.
With much thanks going to the people of Fogo Island for their warmth and generous participation in this project.

Also participating in the 4 Dimensional Mapping project were, Mark Adams, Elisabet Gunnarsdottir and Bonnie McCay.

This project was commissioned by the Fogo Island Arts Corporation.
supported by the Shorefast Foundation.
During the project we created a blog which you can view here.