Cacher pour mieux montrer is a public artwork developed for Saskatoon's Public Art program.

For three weeks a number of public art pieces in Saskatoon city centre were covered with smooth industrial shrink-wrap, a technique typically used to store and transport fragile machinery and equipment.
Twelve of the temporary public art pieces of the Placemaker Program, which some have been in the collection for 20 years, were shrouded whilst their shape stays strangely familiar, inviting questioning and intrigue about the presence and function of Public Art in our cities, but also about the individual sculpture temporarily hidden from sight.
Cacher pour mieux montrer provocative and playful nature engages audiences in Saskatoon and beyond, exploring temporarily what our cities are without our familiar public art.

Cacher pour mieux montrer, hide to show better, is an expression of the French idea that partial concealment enhances attractiveness by suggesting rather than displaying.

Cacher pour mieux montrer received the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Award for 2014 Year in Review.

Placemaker Program