An audience of one consists of a large wall of speakers which creates an apparent stage, the speakers remain pregnant with silence until a member of the public enters the active area in front of the wall. Immediately they receive an acknowledging applause from the speakers, starting with a lone clapper, the longer their presence and more central they stand within the speakers the greater the applause builds, until it is overwhelming in intensity and volume. The applause decrease quickly as they step away from the centre and cease as soon as they leave the ring.

An Audience of one plays with the interaction between the person entering and responding to the applause, and also with the spectators to this interaction. The sound of the applause echoing though the space creates intrigue and draw others' attention to witness what is worthy of such adoration, maybe joining in the clapping as they watch, maybe coming in to join, or patiently waiting on the edges for their turn to be the centre of praise.

This project was commissioned by Urbane Künste Ruhr, for 2017 Urban Lights Ruhr.

The recordings of the clapping were made possible by Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.


With special thanks to: Alex Mitchell, Mark Belkie, Brenda Dalla Costa, Cassandra Paul, Richard Brown, Bonnie Mikalson, Kirstin Wiens, Kendra Krepinski, Ashley Slemming, Erin M. Craig, Zohra Dorothy Debiche, Kris Cipriano, Jessie Shim, Taryn Fransen, Taylor Lumley, Jane Finley, Shailynn Lake, Larissa Pendlebury, Morgan Platts, Monika Strozuk, Hayley Barile, Jordyn Corcaran, Alicia Buates McKenzie, Joyce Chan, Joanna Puno, Juliana Barnes, Jacqueline Ling, Erik Morgan, Jesiah Taundi, Marlon Leal, Chandler Snidal, Connor Mason, Jarod Haro, Meagan McElgunn, Kiri Ewing, Henry Hays, Sydney White, Nik, and Kara Marie.